5 Emojis That Should Exist

So, ever since I discovered emojis, I have become one of those people that uses them very often. Emojis can lighten up that "get your act together" text to your best friend, they can emphasize your love towards someone with many red little hearts, and they can tell a story without any actual words.

As I'm thinking about emojis (I know, I'm weird)...I thought about a couple of emojis that don't exist and I have NO idea why. In my opinion they would make the texting world a whole lot better. 

So here is a list of the emojis I'm missing:

    1) Ninja 

Someone texts you, wondering where you put something or how did they not see you leave that get together...all you have to text back is a ninja.

    2) Mustaches

This one is self explanatory. --I think...message me if you don't get it, I'll explain.

    3) Bacon

Sweet, delicious, unappreciated bacon. How am I supposed to illustrate my unhealthy breakfast? 

    4) People of other skin tones

I don't know about you but sometimes a palace guard or a caucasian cop just don't cut it. I just need some more people to choose from. Also, I'm brown. So, there's that.

    5) T-rex 

Whether you don't know what to say, have a lot to say, are happy, excited, sad, or mad..a T-rex would always come in handy. 

What emojis are you missing?


  1. A unicorn! That would be hilarious! Good call on the bacon

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  3. haha totally can relate to you :D

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  4. The t-rex is something I would like and the ninja! I have a friend who is like the ninja hehe!


  5. Haha! I (seriously) am carrying a list on my iPhone5 of emojis that should be added. Because the ones we currently have are just not enough!

    • Dinosaur (good call on the T-Rex. It's desperately needed!)
    • Fortune Cookie
    • Owl
    • Molar/Tooth or a Dentist
    • Scale (because stepping on one isn't scary enough...)
    • Art Brushes
    • Wings
    • Eyes with lashes (there's some peepers in there, but I need some that bat lashes because...why not?)
    and, last but NEVER least!
    • Gears (like inside a clock)

    Thank you for this post! It was super fun! :)


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