Breakfast Blessings

In the middle of every semester there comes a moment where time becomes gold. There are so many assignments that are due, and time becomes even more precious than usual. During this time, I sometimes put my school work above my relationships. I get so focused on all the assignments that I forget that that's not my sole purpose. In this college phase of life it is very easy to get into this mindset of; work, work, work, work. When that happens (which it did this week), God quickly reminds me of the importance of investing in others. This week I had a friend who contacted me multiple times wanting to get coffee and chat. With all the assignments coming my way, I pushed the coffee date towards the end of the week. The next day while I was grabbing a quick breakfast on campus, I saw this sweet friend who greeted me with a hug. Immediately the Lord spoke to my heart and led me to invite her to sit and eat breakfast with me. I had two hours before my next class, and for those two hours I put all my assignments aside and focused all of my attention on her. It turns out that my friend is going through a rough patch in life and is struggling with finding her identity in Christ. Something all of us have struggled with at some point.

All this to say, that sometimes we get so caught up in what we are doing that we don't realize that there are people around us who need someone to talk to, someone to listen. God gives us so many opportunities to pour into people's lives, and sometimes we miss it. How many times have you asked Christ to use you in someone's life? I pray that prayer all the time, yet this week I failed to realize that my friend needed a shoulder and that was the opportunity God was giving me. God helped me get my priorities in check, and realize that sometimes we need to put things on pause, and just be there for someone. I not only got to enjoy a delicious breakfast, but I also got to invest in a friend. God is good!

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